Three Star Package

Franchise owner should be a registered pharmacist in the state pharmacy council across India. Three star package is a full fledged pharmaceutical care center with assistance of registered pharmacist with Pharm D qualification. It is suitable for corporate hospitals and other tertiary care hospitals. In this package, orientation followed by basic training in management of diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension and obesity will be provided. There will be a certificate course in Diabetic care, Hypertension and Pain management, Rheumatoid arthritis and Psoriasis provided for 6 months on one course per month basis. They also will be provided with a Mercury Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope, Height measuring tape, weighing scale and Glucometer.

DSP contains 500 Pharmaceutical care cards and a DVD of softcopies of books like National Formulary of India and other hardcopies like British National Formulary and NFI shall be provided. It also has relevant banners, posters and boards. The franchisee will be provided with locum nursing and pharmacy services for home care on request. The training in basic life support/ first aid will be provided. The package also entitles the franchisee for two life memberships of The Association of Community Pharmacists of India®. The service charges recommended for services are mentioned as below:
Blood Pressure/ Body Mass Index= 10 INR
Prescription counseling= 20 INR
Generic Information= 20 INR
Drug-drug interaction, Drug-food interaction= 20 INR
Capillary blood sugar method= 45 INR (inclusive of strip cost)
The franchisee should sign and abide by sharing 50% of the charges mentioned above. For example, in the capillary blood sugar method the strip cost would be 35 INR. The profit of 10 INR is to be shared between Global Health Technologies and the franchisee.
The cost of the franchise is 45,000 INR in the first year with subsequent renewal fee of 4000 INR per year.
The details of the operation are given in the final package.