Looking for mentors for 5 Interns

Dear Pharmacist ,

In India, we are trying to establish the pharmacy practice. In this effort,we have established Association of community pharmacist of India(NGO) and LLP ANNPHARMA CARE & WELLNESS . Here we are intending to provide pharmacare to indian patients by PharmD. The pharmD interns are given a six month free,part time paid internship in which they see 20 patients in the HMR model .

I need help of Pharmacists from developed country to act as mentors for 5 interns. They would approach in case of doubts . I attach a form for expression of intreast. Please help us by agreeing and informing other practising pharmacist to develop pharmacy practice in India

with regards
Prof Anantha Naik Nagappa,
Pharma Management Dept.
MCOPS, Manipal University, Manipal,576104.India.
Mobile 91 9900407416
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